Paper Inspiration

222548_4900959207025_457425247_nFor all you DIY brides, paper can be a wonderful, and affordable, material that can add a lot of of texture and dimension to your decor. Here’s a pic of a garland that I recently made from recycled Crate & Barrel packaging material, coffee filters, book pages and extra paper from Paper Source.

This was really simple to make, I simply measured out the length of twine I needed (I wanted it to frame the window) and then tied a knot on one end and fed on the materials, after piercing a whole in the center of them with a wooden skewer. The order I used was paper, followed by 3-4 brown coffee filters, some packaging material, more coffee filters and then paper, finishing it off with another knot. Then I measured an inch or two and repeated the process.

Here are some other paper creations that I’m dying to try.