An Introduction

There’s a lot of pressure when writing your first blog post. You have to be strategic;  thinking about the overall structure and flow, making sure that your first post accurately introduces yourself, your blog and your topic. But it’s important not to forget to include the nuances that will set your blog apart from the rest. You want your post sprinkled with the details–such as style, tone and theme.

In a lot of ways, writing your first blog post feels an awful lot like sitting down to plan a wedding. You have a million ideas, and the possibilities are endless, but you have to start somewhere. So, in an effort to introduce me and my blog, let me set the stage with a short introduction.

My name is Aleksandra Nicole Bruce and I am a curious observer. I find daily inspiration from the world around me, capturing and cataloging snippets of information and polaroids of images. This blog will be a way for me to contemplate, share and reflect on my thoughts, ideas and creations.

Planning my own wedding earlier this year sparked my imagination and I’ve been unable to quench the flames that have grown, ever higher, since. I’m hopeful that this blog will be a therapeutic channel for me to let out unpinned musings and ideas.

Here’s to my first post and the first step!


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